Hydroloop system

Hydroloop system is a cost-effective solution for shops, which allows connecting the plug-in refrigeration equipment to the liquid-cooled system, in which excess condensation heat is removed through liquid pipes to the exterior of a building. The closed-cycle liquid system with a water pump ensuring circulation and outdoor dry cooler is used for the effective heat recovery system.

Hydroloop solution can be connected to FREOR refrigeration multidecks, semi verticals, serve-over counters, and freezers. It is fully integrated refrigeration technology, which eliminates the need for complicated refrigeration systems and extremely simplifies system mounting works.

Environmentally-friendly propyl glycol solution is used for heat removal. Excess heat can also be used to warm up the shop during the cold season or to warm up the water. This innovative system guarantees high efficiency, faster shop installation, saves space, gives freedom of equipment relocation, uses smaller quantities of refrigerant, and is simpler to look after. Decentralized operation of refrigeration equipment allows for avoiding losses, which could be caused by an interruption in the central refrigeration system. All these advantages cut down costs and save your money.

Hydroloop System Benefits

  • Cost efficient
  • Faster store set-up
  • Ecological 
  • Heat reusage
  • Flexible
  • Simple & reliable
  • No technical room needed
  • Better food preservation

Hydroloop System Advantages

1. Energy efficiency

  • Energy-efficient compressors save up to 25 % of the energy.
  • Up to 80 %, a smaller quantity of the refrigerant is needed.
  • Refrigerant leakage only 0–5 %, when remote – 10-15 %.
  • Discharged condensation heat can be used to warm up the shop.

2. Environmentally-friendliness

  • 95% less refrigerant leakage allows for reducing an impact on the environment.
  • Small refrigerant quantities are needed if compared with a non-autonomous system.
  • It can operate with R290 (GWP=3) refrigerant.
  • Environmentally-friendly glycol solution is used.

3. Flexibility

  • The system can be easily changed according to the store layout.
  • It is easy to replace, add components or pieces of the equipment without stopping the whole system.

4. Easy installation and cost-effectiveness

  • The system is easy and cheaper to install, compared with a remote system.
  • No need for certified refrigeration experts for system installation.
  • No need for the machinery room, which benefits in saving store space.
  • The simple maintenance.

5. High reliability

  • Every refrigerator operates as a separate unit; therefore, failure in one piece of equipment does not affect the others, and the potential loss of products is minimized.
  • Every piece of equipment is set at the required temperature; automation ensures operation at the necessary intensity of the refrigeration equipment.

6. Low noise level

  • Double sound isolation of the compressor and freezer minimize the noise level at the store.

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